The Yocan Torch

The Yocan Torch

The Yocan Torch was a unique item when it was initially released. Portable E-Nails, if we can call it that, were not as common as they are today. I would go as far as saying the Torch was ahead of its time. What’s great about that is that it’s still a great product and a great buy. With how fast this market has been moving, a product that’s a few years old is generally obsolete. The Torch has managed to obtain a slight cult-like following and has managed to stay relevant long after it’s release.

Before we get into how the Torch works and what makes it great, let’s go over the included accessories. There isn’t anything too mind-blowing in the box, all the usual are here. There is an extra atomizer cover that is glass to compliment the metal cover that comes installed. Yocan is always great about including extra coils, and the Torch comes with 2 Dual Quartz coils. It’s always nice to have a back, especially when it comes to coils. I was surprised how good the manual for the Torch is. Manuals have gotten better lately in the vaping industry, but for a long time they were very brief, if they were included at all. That being said, the Torch is very easy to use, and you’ll probably get the hang of it very quickly whether you read the manual or not.

The Torch itself looks nothing like a normal concentrate pen even though at its core that’s exactly what it is. Most Yocan pens have an atomizer connected to a battery. You unscrew or pop off the atomizer cover, load your concentrates into the coil, replace the cap, and then you push and hold the button while inhaling through the mouthpiece. Simple as that. The Torch also has a battery, an atomizer with a cover, and a coil. Powering the device is similar in the sense that you activate the device with a single button, but rather than pressing and holding, you press the button and release it. The Torch will heat the coil for 15 seconds, or until you press the button again. What makes the Torch unique is that the atomizer and the battery don’t connect directly to each other. They connect to a “V” shaped joint that has a universal waterpipe adapter on it. So instead of a mouthpiece to inhale the vapor from, you plug the Torch onto your favorite waterpipe and inhale the vapor through your pipe like you normally would. The adapter can fit 14mm and 18mm male and female glass joints, so the Torch works well with any sized rig. To get a great visual of how the torch works, check out our Unboxing/Rundown video linked below. I’d love if you watched all our videos, but this is really one that you have to see to full appreciate. I do not have enough writing talent to properly explain in!

Part of what has kept the Torch relevant for song long are the coil options. There is a Dual Quartz and a dry herb pancake-style coil made specifically for the Torch. There are also several other Yocan coils, like the famous Evolve Plus Ceramic Donut coil, and several 3rd party coils that fit. A quick Google or Reddit search will bring up a few threads were people discuss the coil options. I always recommend using the products exactly as intended so don’t say you heard it from me! Check out the Torch while you can, they are getting harder and harder to find!!!  



Check out our Unboxing/Rundown here!

Buy The Yocan Torch Here!

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