GS eGo II 2200mah Standard Edition

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GS eGo II 2200mah Standard Edition

There are cool looking batteries then there is the GS eGo II.

2200mah gives you all day and all night and the rest of the week power. This isn't a cheap 2200mah battery either. We made sure do get high end fully certified batteries for long life. Please ALWAYS fully charge any Li-ion battery on first use to properly condition it.
We love the size on this battery too. It's slightly fatter than average so it maintains the length of a 650mah battery but holds a massive 2200mah for all week power. Only about 2.6" long.

Button lights up different colors to indicate life:
White: 100%-50%
Blue: 50%-25%
Red: 25%-0%
Flashing: Battery about to die charge immediately.

Included in box:
1 Battery

Does not include charger. Charger can be purchased HERE

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