280mAh Metallic Rainbow Continuous Fire Push Button Battery

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The high quality metallic rainbow colored 280mah batteries provide power in a super slim package with push button reliability, great for basic vaping needs and they are especially popular for use with thick oil cartridges. Includes 510 to USB adapter for convenient charging.

Metallic Rainbow Finish
Slim Design
Push Button for Reliable Firing

Capacity: 280mah
Threading: 510
Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2V

In Box:
1 280mah Metallic Rainbow Slim 510 Thread Push Button Battery

Please Note:  This battery works differently than the other similar models that we stock.  When you hold down the button to fire the coil, a light will come on in the base of the battery, and the battery will continue to fire after you release the button until you click the button again.  There is not a safety time out on these batteries.  The light around the button and in the base of the battery being on indicates when the battery is firing.  If the battery is left firing, it could waste your material, burn out the cartridge, or cause damage to the battery itself.  Any time this battery is not in use, you should leave it in the locked mode.  You can lock and unlock this battery by clicking the button 5 times quickly.  We recommend that you only allow the battery to fire up to 10 seconds each time.  Vape Pen Sales is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the use or misuse of any batteries that we sell.  Lithium batteries are advanced user devices and should only be used by people possessing the proper knowledge about their use and care.  

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