Launch Box Vaporizer Kit (Dry Herb)

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  • Launch Box Vaporizer Kit (Dry Herb)
  • Launch Box Vaporizer Kit (Dry Herb)
  • Launch Box Vaporizer Kit (Dry Herb)
  • Launch Box Vaporizer Kit (Dry Herb)

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    This tiny wooden box lets you enjoy inhalation of your herbs with virtually no telltale odor, so you can sneak a toke in places you never thought possible! With no plugs or cables and its compact size, the LB offers the ultimate in portability when it comes to vaporizers.

    No lighter is needed just add some finely ground herb into the trench (never resins or solids), slide closed the plastic lid and secure with the included rubber band, then pop one of the two included rechargeable* NiMH batteries into the side. The black rubber grommet inside keeps the battery from making contact until you apply firm pressure to the end. You`ll see it light up and within 3-5 seconds, vapor will form in the draw hole, ready for you to inhale! The Launch Box kit comes with a stem for a comfortable alternative to inhaling directly from the box. Also included are two black battery caps and a protective plastic battery case, a battery charger, a velvety black drawstring bag, and a brush for cleaning the trench between uses. 

    Detailed instructions are also included, though you`ll find that the Launch box is not only easy to use, it`s quick, quiet and safe, with no toxic materials, no breakable glass, and requiring no flame. With no need for fire it`s also windproof, hassle-free in any conditions!


    Birch Hardwood Construction
    Small, easily concealable size
    Heats in 3-5 seconds
    Powered by two rechargeable NiMH batteries (included)
    NiMh AA battery charger
    Accessories included

    1 Wooden Launch Box Vaporizer
    1 Battery Quick-Charger
    2 Rechargeable Batteries
    1 Glass Mouthpiece Stem
    2 Rubber Battery Caps
    1 Cleaning Brush
    1 Instruction Manual