Yocan Torch XL 2020 Version Portable Wax eNail

by Yocan
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We were excited when the original Torch made a comeback recently, but the new XL version has us in fits.  They took the award winning design of the original Torch and made it better in every way.  The base piece is bigger and this will make a lot of hard core vapers very happy.  The bigger base now supports the included 2200mAh variable voltage battery.  That is right, the battery is twice the capacity and can be adjusted between 3.2V, 3.7V, and 4.2V.  There is also a preheat function that fires the coil for 10 seconds at 1.8V.  

The new coil base is also a great addition.  It adds adjustable airflow to the mix and will house a larger coil than the normal version.  The kit comes with the Evolve Plus XL QUAD coil, but this beast can also use the Evolve Plus/Regen coils.  That gives you a QDC - Dual Quartz Rod, QTC - Triple Quartz Rod, and the flavor king Ceramic Donut coil to choose from in addition to the XL QUAD coil.  

When you press the button on the battery, the device will now fire for 15 seconds continuously unless you press the button again.  The adaptor piece is still the same work of art as before allowing the Torch XL to work with either 14mm or 18mm, Male or Female glass joints.  There is now a new 5th color as well.  The Luminous color is a nice pearly white under normal lighting conditions, but after being exposed to sun light, it will glow in the dark.  

The Torch XL is not just a rehash of a successful device.  The Torch XL is every bit as innovative as the original Torch, improving literally every aspect of the device.  If you know, you know, and you probably already have one on the way.  

Dual Quartz, Triple Quartz, and Ceramic Donut coils are available here.

QUAD Coil replacement coils are available here.  

Replacement Batteries are also available separately.

2200mAh Battery
Variable Voltage
4 Coil Options

Battery Capacity:  2200mAh
Battery Charge Type:  USB-C
Battery On/Off:  Click Button 5 Times Within 2 Seconds
Continuous Fire Duration:  15 Seconds
Voltage Levels:  White - 3.2V, Blue - 3.7V, Green - 4.2V
Change Voltage Level:  Click Button 3 Times Quickly
Preheat Voltage:  1.8V
Preheat Duration:  10 Seconds
Preheat On/Off:  Click Button 2 Times Quickly
Thread Type:  510 Thread
Glass Joint Adaptor:  14mm and 18mm, Male and Female

In The Box
1 Torch XL eNail (Quad Coil Pre-Installed)
1 Evolve Plus XL Coil
1 Wax Tool
1 Glass Cover
1 USB-C Cable
1 User Manual

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