Yocan EXgo W3/Exgo II Replacement Coil (Wax) Nero/Dual/Quartz Coil

by Yocan
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The Yocan Exgo W3 and Exgo II coils are interchangeable. VapePenSales.com carries them in the Nerotech, Dual Coil with Fiber, and Dual Coil with Quartz Glass Rod versions.

EXgo II / W3 wick coil: 1.2ohm. recommend 10W
EXgo II / W3 quartz coil: 0.8ohm.  recommend 15W
Exgo II / W3 Nero Tech coil: 0.6ohm recomend 10-20W

1 Yocan replacement coil for the Yocan EXgo W3 or Yocan Exgo II Atomizer.

NOTE: IF you use a NERO Tech coils with the ExGO II you will need to make sure your battery meets the requirements of the Exgo W3 (sub ohm capable)
NOTE: Quartz coils do NOT include caps.

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