New Products and eLiquid Vaporizers

We are adding a full line of eLiquid vaporizers and vape pens and you will see many new products of this type added in the next few weeks.We are also adding MANY new wax and dry herb items.Please check back...

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ZNA 50 Mods in Stock!

ZNA 50 mods are back in stock. This is our favorite hands down. We encourage you to check it out. Its the best battery mod for the money and will sell out again quickly.   The ZNA 50 mods are...

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New Lego Dabs In Stock

We Have some new Lego Style 6+1 Dab Containers in stock. Check them out in out store while they 'good colors' are still in stock.

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Congratulations to Sara from PA on free Vape Pen Sales HatCongratulations to Jennifer in CT on free CE5 atomizersCongratulations to Ruth in Sarasota on 2 free CE5 atomizersWill you be the next winner. Register as a user with Vape Pen...

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