Battery Safety

Battery Safety has become an increasingly important topic as portable electronic vaporizers grow in popularity. Like any electronic device, there is always a chance things could go wrong. Following some simple battery tips can greatly reduce the chances something will go wrong with your battery. The FDA has put together some very good info regarding battery safety. I wanted to go a little more in-depth on the images, and I will provide a link to the .gov site below!






The batteries we use the most in the vaping world are 18650 High Drain cells, and it’s always nice to have back-ups. If you carry back up batteries, always keep them in a plastic battery case, or even the small cardboard case they came in. Never throw them in your bag or pocket exposed. These batteries are very powerful, but they are also "dumb"; they have no way of knowing if the metal they are touching is part of a battery mod or some loose change, and they could potentially discharge at a rapid rate resulting in extreme heat, fire, or worse.



This is a good rule of thumb for any rechargeable battery. I am guilty of doing it with my phone and have never had an issue. When it comes to vaporizers, overnight charging is a big no-no. Whether using an external charger for multiple batteries or charging your single or built-in battery mod via it’s Micro USB port, it’s never a good idea to charge overnight. Most chargers and battery mods include “overcharge” protection, but like anything else this can protection can fail. Keep an eye on your batteries while they are charging, and when they are full unplug them. This could prevent your mod from becoming a most unwelcome “alarm clock” in the middle of the night!



This one seems like a no-brainer, but we’ve all been there. Even after getting wet, the device or battery may appear to be working just fine. What happens to the metal after getting wet, however, doesn’t always show itself right away. The moisture will cause metals to corrode or rust, and make them much more likely to fail, even if everything appears to be OK. I always say, your device is only as good as it’s back-up, and this is a big reason why. Batteries and battery mods can be expensive, and it’s not always easy to “abandon” one if it seems to be working fine. No battery or mod is worth the potential risks to yourself or your home, so always play it safe if you have a liquid accident!



Now, most vaporizers that I have seen come with a charging cable, but no charging “brick.” With batteries, I am more concerned with what the cord is plugged into than the cord itself. That being said, all Micro USB cables are not equal. Some can handle charging and data, others just charging. For battery safety reasons, pay attention to what you are plugging the USB into. Most phones and tablets come with charging brick designed to output more amps, which will in turn charge your phone or tablet more quickly. Those same high-amp bricks can potentially damage your vaporizer/battery and should be avoided at all costs. I charge all of my 18650 batteries in an external Battery Charger (I prefer Nitecore), and for any built-in battery devices, I plug the cord into my laptop. A laptop or a PC USB port will output at a lower level, and it makes it easy for me to keep an eye on things while at work.



This tip can refer to any extreme temperature environment, the most common being your car.  I’m in South Dakota, where we see -20° in the winter and humid 100° days in the summer. That basically means that it’s never a good idea to leave electronics in your car, here. Even if it doesn’t seem that “hot” outside, the temp in your car can get very hot very quickly due to the small, enclosed area. Whether you’re going shopping in the mall for a couple hours, or heading to work, never leave your vaporizer or batteries in the car. The heat or extreme cold can damage the internal chemistry of the battery, making them more likely to malfunction.



These are great tips, and very easy to follow. A malfunctioning battery won't always mean a fire or explosion, and following these tips won't guarantee that your battery won't malfunction. Following these simple steps will, however, give you the best performance and lifespan for your expensive vaping equipment!


Check out the FDA site on battery safety here!