Hamilton Devices Tombstone Double Wax Cartridge Battery

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Elevate to heaven with dual cartridge capability in the Tombstone 650mAh Wax Cartridge Mod. Two wax Cartridges stand parallel each other to fill the mouthpiece chamber, allowing both to be simultaneously hit. A 650mAh battery provides sufficient power to fire both with a nominal voltage of 3.2v and a max of 4.2v. To begin vaporization the Tombstone uses a simple inhale to activate mechanism. If desired only one cartridge must be inserted to operate. The cartridge chamber is wide and tall enough to fit most common cartridges. This device presents a unique opportunity to combine strains, while also providing a great low profile form.

PLEASE NOTE:  This battery is activated by inhaling through the device.  This means it will only work with bottom airflow cartridges.  Top airflow cartridges WILL NOT work in this device.  An easy way to tell the difference is to take the cartridge by itself and gently draw through it while holding a finger over the bottom of the 510 thread at the bottom of the cartridge.  If you feel air movement it is a bottom airflow cartridge.

Dual Cartridge System
Inhale to Fire
Micro USB Charging

510 Thread
650mAh Battery
Nominal Voltage: 3.2v
Maximum Voltage: 4.2v

In The Box:
1 Tombstone Device
1 Charging cable

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