Kanboro Tech 510 Nail V3 Wax and Thick Oil eNail Vaporizer

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The Kanboro Tech 510 Nail V3 eNail Kit is the latest evolution of their popular 510 eNail.  There are some innovative updates including a replaceable ceramic heating rod.  Now you can just replace the heating rod if it accidentally breaks or burns out.  The nails are also a larger size than most and this one comes with a ceramic and a titanium nail in the box.  You can also order a quartz nail separately.  The glass bubbler attachment is a convenient two piece design allowing you to fill and clean it easily.  You can pair the V3 with your favorite 50-120 watt 510 box mod to give you a truly portable e-rig.  

In The Box
1 - 510 Nail V3
1 - Two Piece Glass Bubbler Attachment
1 - Magnetic Carb Cap
1 - Stainless Steel Loading Tool
1 - Titanium Nail
1 - Ceramic Nail
1 - Silicone Container
1 - Spare Silicone O-Rings
1 - User Manual


Replacement Nails and Replacement Heating Rods are available.

This product carries a 30 day warranty through Vape Pen Sales as well as a 3 month warranty through Kanboro Tech.  For more information on the warranty through the manufacturer, please visit their website or send an email to service@kanborotech.com.

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