510s Wax & Herb Burner Starter Kit Blister Pack

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510 E Cig Slim Battery Wax Vape Pen Barebones Kit | Delux E Cig

This all-in-one package is a great way to start out with wax or dry herb vaping. The sleek, discreet shape makes it conveniently portable, and the 510 threading means you can attach it to all our other Delux batteries. The sealed package contains a slim 510 stainless rechargeable battery, a stainless wax chamber atomizer, a black plastic drip tip, a usb charger, and a simple instruction guide.

For extra atomizers for this unit please check here.


1. Load the atomizer with wax in one of two ways:
--Method 1: Pinch a small amount of solid wax-like material and drop it right above the heating element in the center of the chamber.
--Method 2: For softer or liquid-like wax material, scoop a small amount with a dab scoop tool and position it steadily above the heating element. Use a lighter to heat the edge of the scoop until the wax drips down onto the heating element.
2. Replace the drip trip, then hold the button on the battery down while you take a slow, steady draw.
3. Never puff on your wax vape if there's not enough wax. Every couple of draws, check the atomizer to ensure enough wax remains, and if not, add more wax before puffing or you could damage the atomizer.
4. To recycle wax, use a dab tool to scoop the wax remnants from the cap and outer rim of the inner wax chamber. Hold it over the heating element and use a lighter to heat it until it drips onto the heating element.
5. If you notice your vape producing less vapor or if it has a burnt taste or appearance, you will want to replace the atomizer chamber with a new one.

Do not store this product in a pocket or case without deactivating it by removing the battery from the atomizer.

Package Contains:
1 Battery
2 Atomizers
1 USB Charger
1 Wax tool

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