Airistech Quaser Q-Cell VV Wax Vaporizer

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The all new Airis Quaser is just as amazing as the celestial wonder from which it derives its name.  The Quaser uses their new Q-Cell technology which just recently debuted with the popular Airistech Headbanger.  Q-Cell coils use a fritted quartz coil that provides even heat distribution which helps prevent burning. The cap has a built in dab tool that you can also remove.  If you want to remove it, simply twist it and it will unscrew. The included battery has a generous 350mAh capacity and it gives you the convenience of Micro-USB charging.  While it isn't quite as powerful as its celestial namesake, it does include variable voltage and a convenient preheat function which you won't find on any quasar's out there in the universe.  The Quaser is a discreet and convenient wax pen that packs in all the features you want in a compact, well designed kit at a price you can't beat!    

Dab Tool Mouthpiece
Q-Cell technology
Variable Voltage

Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Coil Type: Q-Cell Fritted Quartz
Preheat: 2 Clicks
Variable Voltage: 3 Clicks To Change - Green- 3.4V; Blue- 3.7V; Red- 4.2V
On/Off:  5 Quick Clicks

In The Box:
1 Quaser Battery
1 Quaser Q-Cell Atomizer
1 Micro USB Charging Cable

Replacement Coils and Mouthpieces are available.  

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