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The Dazzvape GT800 is a full-featured Cartridge Mod, with Variable Wattage and Temperature Control Modes. The GT800 is sleek and durable, with an aluminum body and OLED screen. The huge 800mAh battery means you won't have to charge it often, and Micro USB charging means when you do have to charge it up it'll be easy to do. The GT800 uses a magnetic 510 adapter that makes it simple to "drop" your cartridge into the mod and go! Having the cartridge sit within the aluminum GT800 adds an extra layer of protection for your expensive cart!

The crisp OLED screen packs a lot of good, easy to read info. It'll display your battery level, the resistance of the cart you're using, and either your selected wattage and the voltage it's running to get to that wattage setting in Wattage Mode, or your selected temperature in Temp Control Mode. The 3-button setup (large firing button, 2 smaller "+" and "-" buttons) makes the process of adjusting the device very easy!

The Variable Wattage Mode allows you to dial in the perfect vape for each cartridge you have. Most cartridge batteries and mods have 3 power settings: high, medium, and low. 3 choices may have been enough for Goldilocks to find the perfect temp for her porridge, but you no longer must limit your options when it comes to finding the perfect power setting for your carts. Carts are getting more and more popular every day, and they can all vary slightly based on several different factors. In Variable Wattage Mode on the GT800, you can go from 1.0 watts up to 20.0 watts, in increments of .1 along the way. That's 191 different choices when you're dialing things in exactly how you like it for each cart you use.

The GT800 also has a Temperature Control Mode, and as far as I'm aware, it's the first dedicated cart mod on the market to incorporate it. The Temp Control mode requires Stainless Steel 316 wire coil cartridges to work, and they can be hard to find right now. As temp control gets more common in the cart market, like it has in the dry herb and concentrate markets, SS316 carts will become more common and easier to find. When you use a SS316 cartridge in Temp Control, you'll be able to dial in your vape even further. Temp control mode allows you to select a temp between 200¬įF-600¬įF, in increments of 5¬į. When you fire the cart¬†in Temp Mode, it fires at the full 20 Watts and immediately ramps it down and back up automatically as needed throughout your draw as the coil reaches the selected temp, ensuring the coil doesn't ever get hotter than you want.¬†

**This is why ensuring you have a SS316 Wire cart before using the Temp Control Mode is so important. If you use Temp control mode with a standard cart, it will fire at the full 20 watts without being able to temper the wattage down depending on actual coil temp because it can't detect the temperature of non SS316 coils. Depending on the cart you're using, 20 watts may be too much for it to handle! Don't risk that expensive cart unless you're sure! If you see a Temperature readout on the screen and not the wattage, simply click the firing butting 3 times quickly to switch back to wattage mode, which is compatible with every coil type available on the market today.** 

Don't let all that red text scare you. The GT800 is one of the best Cartridge Mods on the market, even if you only use the Wattage Mode. The range of the wattage options and the ability to adjust in 0.1 increments is a huge improvement over the High, Medium, and Low that you're used to. It may be the most versatile cart mod on the market today. The wealth of information on the OLED screen means no more deciphering LED colors and light blinks to determine your power settings and battery level. If you've had a mod unexpectedly go dead or a coil burn out when you're out and about, you already know how important these things are. Whether this is your first cart mod or your tenth, the GT800 will be a standout and will surely become your go-to.  The fact that it's future-proofed for the inevitable Temp Control craze in the cart market is a big bonus, and you'll be ahead of the game while everyone else plays catch up! 

3 Button Interface
Bright and easy-to-read 0.69" OLED Screen
Dual Output Modes:
     1) Variable Wattage 
     2) Temperature Control Mode (ss316 Wire Carts ONLY!)

Power Button Function (large, round button):

Press and hold to fire
5 rapid clicks: on/off
4 rapid clicks: display flip
3 rapid clicks: switch between wattage and temp control modes

Adjustment Buttons Function (smaller, round buttons, "+" and "-"):
Hold down both adjustment buttons for 3 seconds to lock them after you set your wattage or temp to prevent accidental clicks; hold them for another 3 seconds to unlock and adjust again. ***Power button will still fire while the adjustment buttons are locked, so always power off the device completely if it's going in your pocket/purse/etc. The device powers on quickly when you need it, and will have the same settings it did when you powered it off.***

Maximum Cartridge Diameter: 11.2mm (compatible with cCell, DankSmoke, Etc)
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Variable Wattage - 1W-20W Adjustable Range (0.1 increments) 
Temperature Control Mode: 200¬į-600¬į Fahrenheit¬†(5¬į increments)
Atomizer Resistance Range: 1.0 ohm to 3.0 ohm
35mm x 21mm x 68mm (1.37" x 0.82" x 2.67") 

In The Box
1 Dazzvape GT800 Cartridge Mod
1 Micro USB Charger
1 Magnetic Adapter Rings
1 Warranty Card
(Detailed User Manual is Printed inside the fold-out cover of the inner box)

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