Ecapple Miracle Wax Atomizer

by Ecapple
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The Ecapple Miracle is a revolutionary wax atomizer.  The Miracle variants are splash-free, wax conserving, and self-cleaning.  The fine ceramic coil incorporates a two layer structure.  The outer layer comes with dense sleek & smooth ceramic, while the inner layer is made of our micro-pore ceramic with its powerful oil absorbing capacity.  The wax melts on the outer layer, then goes into the inner layer to atomize.  Ecapple uses the highest medical grade 316L stainless steel wire embedded into the inner layer to provide the heat. The structure is totally different from the coils on the market. You can dry burn to clean the coils within seconds easily. No remnants will be left on the surface after that.  There is also a Triple Quartz Rod coil option now that uses the same stainless steel wrapped around 3 side-by-side quartz rods.  This coil is not self cleaning and does not use the same ceramic material as the Miracle coil variants.  

Coil Designed for Complete Wax Vaporization
Radically New Design
Burn Clean Coil
Temp Control Support - With Stainless Steel Temp Control Mod

Resistance: 0.5Ω (note resistance will increase as coil heats)
Recommended Wattage: 7-15W
Self Cleaning Mode Wattage: 30W

In Box
1 Miracle Atomizer
1 Miracle Coil Pre-Installed
1 Metal Tool

Note: The Miracle Type A and Type B coils are designed to work with Temperature Control mods that support Stainless Steel. The Miracle uses 316L Medical Grade Stainless Steel Wire.  The Miracle coils are not compatible with standard Temperature Control mods and using them with these devices may result in damage to the coil.  The Triple Quartz coil is not compatible with any Temperature Control modes.  

Replacement Coils and Replacement Glass Available.

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