FocusVape Pro S Premium Dry Herb Vaporizer with Water Bubbler

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The Focusvape PRO S is a portable herbal vaporizer and an upgraded version of the original Focus Vaporizer. Featuring the same design, the Pro adds the ability to adjust the temperature from 80°C-240°C and 176°F-464°F in increments of 1° instead of pre-set temperatures. This allows fine tuning to get the perfect vape. The vaporizer has a vibration notification to let you know when the device is ready for you to vape. It typically takes around 20-30 seconds for the device to reach the preferred temperature. The Pro S comes with a metal body for more durability. 

Compact Pen-Style Form
Ceramic Heating Chamber
Adjustable Airflow
Digital Temperature Settings
Vibration Notifications
Single Button Control
Airpath Isolated from Electronics
Removable High-Capacity LG Battery
OLED Display
Metal Body

20-30 Second Heat-Up Time
18650 Replaceable Battery (Included)
Temperature Range 76-464 F (80-240 C)

1 FocusVape Pro S Vaporizer
1 Additional Glass Mouthpiece
1 3200mah Battery
1 Water Bubbler
1 Micro 5 Pin USB Cable
1 Mouthpiece Cap
1 User Manual
1 Brush
1 Oil Tool
3 Screens
1 Instruction Manual

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