Glass Globe Style Straight Glass Tube Atomizer Wax or Dry Herb Atomizer

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Glass Color

Straight Glass Dome Atomizer is a great choice for wax and dry herb vaping with our HUGE selection of custom coils. Glass tanks are eGo thread for wide-ranging compatibility, and a huge number of combinations can be created. 

All Atomizers ship with coil VG-3

Additional coils come in many great selections:

VG-1 Metal coil with cotton wick 
VG-2 Metal pancake coil
VG-3 Ceramic globe metal coil cotton wick
VG-4 Protected metal coil cotton wick
VG-5 Protected screened coil
VG-6 Metal coil with cotton wick and metal cap 
VG-7 Metal pancake coil with metal cap
VG-8 Metal protected ceramic globe with metal coil and cotton wick
VG-9 Gold screened coil
VG-10 Gold metal coil cotton wick
VG-11 Ceramic globe double titanium coils with ceramic wicks
VG-12 Ceramic globe double titanium coils with cotton wicks
we also carry ceramic and dual quartz coil glass globe coils!

Box contains:
1 Atomizer tank with VG-3 Coil

Replacement Coils Available

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