iBuddy Disposable Electronic Vaporizer (Thick oil, eLiquid)

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The iBuddy is a great, no leak, disposable vaporizer for thick oils. Made by the same guys who brought your the Bud Touch Vaporizer, the iBuddy is a well designed, highly portable unit. Battery good for approx 200 puffs. If you are using a thinner liquid, like most eLiquids the manufacturer reccommends storing upside down 12 hours after soaking to avoid leaking. Always allow at least 10 minutes with thicker liquids for best results.

Cartridge Capacity: 0.2ml
Battery Capacity 170mah
Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2v

1 iBuddy Disposable DS-80 Vaporizer sealed in plastic tube.

NOTE: You must turn upside down the vape pen and inject oil with syringe smaller than 0.8mm. Battery is not rechargeable.

Needle Bottles Available.

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