Lokee Key Fob 510 Variable Voltage Cartridge Mod

by Lokee
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The Lokee Key Fob Cartridge Battery Mod is a true all-in-one mod! Featuring a "switchblade" style flip-out design and 510 threading, the Lokee Key Fob offers protection for your cartridge and discretion. The built-in USB charger tucks into the device and ensures that you're never without a charging cable. The Lokee has 4 different voltage settings, ranging from 3.2v (Yellow) 3.7v (Blue) 4.0v (Green) 4.2v (Red). The power button is back lit and lets you know what voltage setting you are on. A built-in key chain hook adds to the portability.



Variable Voltage ( 4 Temp Settings)
Unique Flip Out Cartridge Design
Built In USB Charger


Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
Threading: 510
Voltage Levels: 3.2v (Yellow) 3.7v (Blue) 4.0v (Green) 4.2v (Red)
Powering On Device: Click button 5x within 2 seconds
Changing Voltage Setting: Click button 3x within 2 seconds

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