Seego Flip 2 VV Cartridge Vape Kit

by Seego
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The new Flip 2 from Seego builds on the success of their first Flip device.  It still retains the flip out cartridge but now looks more like a key fob.  The battery jumps up to 650mAh, nearly doubling its capacity.  You still get the variable voltage feature with 3 preset settings but now they have included a convenient preheat function that warms up those extra thick oils.  The Micro-USB charging port is now built into the unit as well.  There are 3 options for the Flip 2.  All of the options have a black body, but you can choose from a silver plate with Seego on it as pictured below or a gold or black plate.  

Variable Voltage
10 Second Preheat Function
Unique Flip Out Cartridge Design

Battery Capacity:  650mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Thread Type:  510 Thread
Voltage Levels:  3.2V - White, 3.7V - Green, 4.2V - Red
Change Voltage Level:  Click the button 3 times quickly to go to the next level.
Start Preheat:  Click the button 2 times quickly to start the preheat function.
Lock/Unlock Battery Button:  Click the button 5 times quickly.

In The Box
1 Flip 2 Cartridge Battery
1 Micro-USB Charging Cable

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