Seego Flip V3 VV Preheat Cartridge Battery

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The third iteration of the the Seego Flip, the Flip V3, further builds upon a solid device. Just like its predecessors it features standard variable voltage and preheat settings with a simple single button operation. The 650mAh battery provides enough power to vape all day and still have energy in the morning. This mod is very low-key with a similar design to a key fob, and produces a satisfying snap when you flick out your cartridge. It is available with a silver, blue, or gold side panel.

Flip Out Design
Key Fob Shape
Variable Voltage
10 Second Preheat Function

Battery Capacity:  650mAh
Voltage Levels:  Low 3.2 (Green) - Medium 3.7v (Blue) - High 4.2 (Red)
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Max Cartridge Dimensions:  11.5mm X 70mm
On/Off:  Click Button 5 Times Quickly
Change Voltage:  Click Button 3 Times Quickly

Preheat:  Click Button 2 Times Quickly

In The Box
1 Battery
1 USB Charger

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