Seego Vhit Elegant Full Kit (Dry Herb) Vape Pen

by Seego
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What can we say. The VHIT Elegant is a super smooth water filtered high quality vaporizer. We think you will love it. Our friends at Seego have outdone themselves and everyone want one.

  • The Seego VHIT Elegant is the latest and most advanced¬†atomizer for portable vaporizer pens
  • Special shape coil:¬†¬†Vaporizer¬†coil¬†with¬†mosquito coil¬†shape,¬†increases the¬†contact¬†area to produce INTENSE vapor clouds!
  • Double filtration¬†system: add water glass tube to cool and filter, so¬†gets more¬†pure¬†vapor and be more¬†healthy.
  • High quality material: superb¬†machined stainless steel and tempered pyrex glass tube.
  • Safe battery protection.

TIPS: The Seego VHIT Elegant is the latest and most advanced dry herb atomizer for portable vaporizer pens

  • Grind the¬†material finely.
  • Clean the chamber on regular basis, clean with alcohol if necessary.
  • Allow the vaporizer heating coil be completely dry before reusing.
  • Keep smoking until there is no vapor.

Comes with 'White House' battery mod unique to VHIT Elegant. It is a truly awesome and beautiful mod.

Box Includes:
1 Full Vaporizer Head
1 'White House' Battery Mod (18650 battery not included)
1 Replacement Coil
1 Empty Needle Bottle
1 Cleaning Brush
2 mini steel balls
1 Multi Charger
1 Brush

NOTE 18650 battery NOT included.

Replacement Coils and replacement glass available.

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