VPS Creeper Wax Pen

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The VPS Creeper Wax Pen pairs the awesome Xvape V-One Creeper Atomizer with a 1500mAh battery for all day use.  The battery has Micro-USB charging to make recharging on the go easier.  The Xvape V-One Creeper Atomizer uses a long lasting large gauge single quartz rod coil wrapped in a thicker gauge wire.  The coil is lined in ceramic and the base slopes gently towards the coil, making the concentrate 'creep' back towards the coil.  You can also order ceramic donut coils and dual quartz rod coils for this pen here.  The mouthpiece is stainless steel and has an integrated coil cap. 

The VPS Creeper Wax Pen is sold separately and does not come with any accessories.  The units are wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped discreetly in a plain box.  

Quartz Coil Technology
Improved Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
Multiple Coil Options

Battery Capacity:  1500mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Coil Resistance:  1.0Ω

In The Box
1 VPS Creeper Wax Pen

Replacement CoilsGlass Mouthpiece, and Stainless Mouthpiece are available.

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