Yocan EXgo W4 Full Kit

by Yocan
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It's a blast from the past!  Check out the Yocan EXgo W4, the last update on the highely praised W3 atomizer.  The W4 features nero coil technology which consists of a 5 nanometer heating element allowing large currents to pass through and heat the element to 1300F nearly instantly.  This kit is paired with an EXgo V2 18350 Battery Mod.  

This is a legacy product and is no longer in production.  This product is covered by our 30 day warranty, but is excluded from the Yocan 90 Day Product Warranty.  The included battery and battery charger may need to be replaced and are not covered by the warranty.  

Batteries and battery chargers are available.

Nero Coil
Stainless Steel Construction
Elegant Design

Resistance:  0.8Ω
Low Voltage Protection
Power Level Indicator:  White - 100% - 50%, Blue - 50% - 20%, Red - <20%

1 Yocan ExGo W4 Atomizer
2 EXgo W4 Coils (1 Preinstalled)
1 EXgo V2 18350 Mod
1 18350 Battery
1 Metal Wax Tool

For extra coils check here.

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