Yocan EXgo W4 Full Kit

by Yocan
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Introducing the new Yocan EXgo W4, the latest update on the highely praised W3.  The W4 features nero coil technology which consists of a 5 nanometer heating element allowing large currents to pass through and heat the element to 1300F nearly instantly.  This kit is paired with an EXgo V2 18350 Battery Mod. 

Note: This atomizer requires a sub-ohm capable battery. Yocan recommends using this atomizer with their EXgo V1 Battery OR a sub-ohm capable battery mod running at between 20W and 22W for best result. We do NOT recommend this for use with a standard eGo or EVOD battery,

Nero Coil
Stainless Steel Construction
Elegant Design

Resistance:  0.8Ω
Low Voltage Protection
Power Level Indicator:  White - 100% - 50%, Blue - 50% - 20%, Red - <20%

1 Yocan ExGo W4 Atomizer
2 EXgo W4 Coils (1 Preinstalled)
1 EXgo V2 18350 Mod
1 18350 Battery
1 Charger
1 Metal Wax Tool

For extra coils check here.

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