Introduction to Vaping in Jamaica

Introduction to Vaping in Jamaica

Vaping Jamaican Style

The sunny island of Jamaica provides a unique experience for marijuana enthusiasts and weed lovers everywhere. Although the legal status of the plant on the island is somewhat obscure (we will clarify this a little later) you don’t have to look too hard to realize that the Jamaican people, for the most part, have fully embraced marijuana as a part of their culture.

The music, the people, the ‘island vibes’, it all comes together like a beautiful song and makes it hard to find another country on the planet (The Netherlands would be a very close second) that is better suited to enjoy vaping. The love and acceptance that the people have the fragrant herb is only one reason that vaping Jamaican style is such an awesome experience. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons in more detail:

The Marijuana is Abundant

You will be able to find marijuana very easily almost anywhere on the Island. City and tourist centers have the herb in abundant supply all year round. As can be expected, it will not be as easily available in the smaller towns and villages but if you know where to look you will find it. Most locals, even those who do not vape or smoke marijuana will be able to tell you where you can get some. This abundant supply of marijuana means that you will always have enough to enjoy your vaping sessions.

Oils & Waxes Too!

Most of the marijuana you will find for vaping in Jamaica will be in the dry herb form but if you are the type who prefers to use extracts like oils or waxes for your vaping sessions - worry not! Vaping is becoming increasingly more popular in Jamaica and as a consequence oils and waxes are becoming more available as well. It cannot be denied, however, that dry herbs are currently much more easy to get on the island, so if your vaporizer is designed to use them it will be more convenient for you.

The Marijuana is Affordable

The cost of marijuana in Jamaica is very cheap when compared to what you will pay in, for example, the USA. With the prices being so affordable you will be able to get more marijuana for more vaping sessions and you can even have several friends vape with you guilt-free as there will be more than everyone to have an ‘irie’* time. In the United States an ounce of marijuana will set you back at least $200, but in Kingston, Jamaica you can pay about $10. In the areas that get a lot of tourist action like Montego Bay on the north coast of the island the prices do tend to be higher, up to about $50 per ounce.  

Reggae Music

Imagine you are on a white sand beach with the sounds of Bob Marley softly playing on a rhythmic reggae beat off in the background while you take a hit from your vape pen. This dreamlike scenario is the daily reality for many people who vape on the island paradise of Jamaica. Music seems to be everywhere on the island, in the streets, in cars, in the markets. There is always some music playing somewhere in earshot and most of the time it is that sweet reggae music that you will hear. There is no better musical accompaniment to enhance a vaping session than reggae music with it’s calm, easy, hypnotic beats.

The Marijuana is High Quality

You will be sure to get that high feeling that you are after in your vaping sessions. Most of the marijuana that is available for vaping in Jamaica was grown organically outdoors in the warm Jamaican sunshine. It is not grown indoors under carefully controlled conditions like most of the marijuana that you will get in the USA but you will still be able to get amazing feelings of euphoria that feel more authentic and natural for your vaping sessions. Many vaping enthusiasts prefer to use this type of organic herbs this reason.

Marijuana is Legal

Is marijuana legal in Jamaica? Less than a year ago the answer would have been ‘Yes’ but fortunately for marijuana lovers on the island on July 15, 2015 the government of Jamaica relaxed the laws relating to marijuana so that persons found with 2 ounces or less of the herb will no longer face criminal charges. Instead they will be faced with having to pay a civil fine of $5 with no criminal record or arrest.

Persons who are visiting the island and have a medical recommendation for the use of marijuana will be able to obtain a permit allowing them to possess up to 2 ounces of the herb. All this means that you will be able to relax and vape Jamaican style with a clear conscience - as long as you ensure that you don’t have more than 2 ounces in your possession at any given time.   

Island Vibes

Another element that makes vaping in Jamaica so awesome is what may be called the ‘island vibes’. This is not so easy to explain what island vibes are because they are something you feel not something you can taste or touch. It has to do with the easy way of life on the island. No one ever seems to be in a hurry here. The friendly nature of the people and the warm tropical climate all contribute to the island vibes and help to make Jamaica ultra suitable for extraordinary vaping experiences.


Vaping Jamaican style is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you just won’t be able to authentically replicate anywhere else in the world. The relaxation and peace that you will have vaping in this country where it is no longer a criminal offense is something that many people never thought they would experience in this lifetime. Thankfully, today it is something that marijuana lovers can enjoy daily on this vibrant little island. Vaping Jamaican style is a truly pleasurable experience and every marijuana enthusiast should be lucky enough to be able to do it at some point in their life.


*According to - Irie (I-rie \I ' -ree) is the word in Jamaican Patois that means, "alright". The term can be used to mean 1: powerful and pleasing; 2: excellent, highest; n 3: the state of feeling great. It is commonly used by members of the Rastafari movement (see Iyaric).



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Bob - May 23, 2020

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I look forward to hearing from you

Ginnie Neill - July 1, 2018

Where to find the vape oil in jamaica,
I see it around but cannot find. I would qualify for medical grade. Dr
Will prescribe. Help out there?

ogstoner - March 9, 2018

going to Jamaica is the best i went this year and plan on going again in the summer i was high and free as a bird and i bought some new decals for my vape pen from amazon check em out there’s nothing like being free and none telling you anything Jamaica is the bets place to vacation

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