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We wanted to take a moment to go over a few of the products we expect to be getting in over the next month.  Some of these are pretty exciting and we are really looking forward to them.

There is a real explosion in the number and quality of dry herb and wax products coming to the market.  One that really caught our eye is the Seego SG-001. The SG-001 is an electronic dry herb vaporizer that has some pretty awesome looks. If it lives up to the usual quality we expect from Seego this should be a great dry herb piece. 

Next is the Yocan Thor. The Thor is an incredible e-nail, but it serves double duty. You can use this baby stand alone as a personal vape OR simply attach to your favorite water pipe for use as an e-nail. Notably, the Nero Thor (and some of their other products) use 'Nero Coil' technology. Basically it's a coil made out of super thin aluminum sheets that allows them to produce CRAZY heat incredibly fast (like 1300 degrees in 1 second fast).

Finally over the next few weeks we will be launching a custom atomizer product. Basically you select the class and coil you want, we assemble, and ship. This should allow us to offer an insane amount of coil choices. It will also guarantee that you always have easy access to replacement coils. We will be working to offer more customization choices for our customers going forward.
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