Understanding CE4 and CE5 Atomizers

CE4 Clearomizer vs CE5 – What’s the Difference?
Understanding the difference between CE4 and CE5 atomizers can be confusing.  Both are popular choices. Both models look almost identical. Many people are unsure of what the difference is between the two.

Both the CE4 and CE5 atomizers hold 1.6ml of eLiquid. They are basically the came technology. They come in a wide variety of color and tip options. They feature eGo threading. There are some differences though.


Comparing CE4 and CE5

The big difference between CE4 and CE5 is that CE4 atomizers have a visible wick while CE5 do not. The CE4 may have long or short wicks. The CE5 has no visible wick and instead has a central cotton core that absorbs your eLiquid and feeds it to the heating unit. The big advatage is avoiding the 'burnt' taste that can come from a clogged CE4.

 The CE5 has four holes in its core that allow eLiquid to flow and increase airflow to improve your hit and and increase vapor volume.

 CE5 atomizers can be taken apart and rebuilt. This makes it easy to clean and increases its lifespan. They tend to have better airflow, less leaks and better flavor. 

The CE4 can not be disassembled. They do tend to leak a bit more than the CE5. But they are simple and disposable which some prefer.



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