Vaping History 101

I was enjoying a great solo vaping session in the warm Jamaican sunshine yesterday and I started thinking about who came up with the idea to vape in the first place and the general origins of vaping. As I didn't have the answers to these questions I did a little online research and what I found out was kinda cool so I wanted to share a summary here with you guys.

As it turns out it was back in the 1960’s when smoking cigarettes was so popular that everyone and their mom was doing it. that this guy named Herbert A. Gilbert ( do you think his friends called him herb?) came up with the idea for an electronic cigarette and patented it. The idea didn’t catch on, unfortunately for Herb, until several years later in 2003 when Chinese medical researcher Hon Lik got got super frustrated with his nicotine addiction to cigarettes. In his desperate search for a way to end his dangerous addiction he was inspired by a dream to work on a way to enjoy vapor instead of the harmful smoke and the rest is history.

So as it turns out that vaping came to us by way of cigarettes and I didn't see that one coming. In any case it is good that thanks to men like Herb and Hon we are able to enjoy vaping and all its amazing benefits.

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