The Xvape Vista

The Xvape Vista

We looked at the Vista Mini from Xvape, a portable E-nail style device that bridges the gap between portable E-nails and Concentrate Pens, a few posts back. Today, we are going to talk about its big brother, The Xvape Vista. There are no gaps bridged with the Vista; this beast is as “Portable E-nail” as you can get!

This is usually where I go over “what’s in the box?” but we need to discuss the “box” itself. The Xvape Vista does not come in a box. Not in the traditional sense of the word anyways. The Vista come in what would be better described as a mini briefcase. It’s is extremely sturdy, with a metal and hard plastic construction, and is foam-lined with precise cutouts for all the included accessories. So, right off the bat the Vista is impressive. I always say that glass bubblers and attachments cut way down on the portability factor of a device, but the Vista Case is sturdy enough and still small enough to be considered truly portable. Bringing the entire unit over to a friend’s house would not be a big deal at all. You’d have everything you need in the smallish briefcase, and it should stay relatively safe from any bumps or drops while getting from point A to point B.

When you first open the case, you see the partially-assembled Vista and some accessories. The Vista work in a few different modes, either with the included bubbler or with your favorite 14mm/18mm glass pipe. The included bubbler is a very high-quality piece of glass. Nothing about it seem cheap, from the thickness of the glass itself to the actual percolation you get from the it. The water chamber and built-in perc is big enough to give you some legit water cooling, which isn’t always the case with a portable bubbler. The Vista come pre-installed with a heating element and includes an extra element. Removing and installing a new element is as simple as unscrewing the old one and screwing on the new one. You’ll also see a charging adapter, a retractable USB cable, a loading tool, and some extra O-Rings.

The Vista can be used on its own with the included bubbler or with your favorite 14mm/18mm GoG (Glass on Glass) waterpipe. When using the Vista with the bubbler, you would use the included Stand Base. Removing the Stand Based will expose the built-in waterpipe adapter. The adapter itself can be flipped around to use with Male and Female GoG waterpipes. That kind of versatility right out of the “box” (more like military grade briefcase:) is a great thing! The ability to use the Vista without the included bubbler also adds to the portability. Even with that great case, you can leave the bubbler at home and use your buddy’s waterpipe when you arrive instead!

Operating the Vista is very easy, and the included manual is fantastic for explaining the whole process. Rather than the standard “press and hold” while using like you see in concentrate pens, you press the button 3 times to turn it on. Once the device is on, you click the button once and the device heats up for 20 seconds. To cycle between the temperature settings, you click the button twice when it’s on. So, for a device like this, that 20 second heat cycle is ideal. Rather than having to keep the button pressed, it frees up both hands to hold the device and manipulate the carb cap if need be! The device also features passthrough technology, meaning the device can still be used while it’s plugged in.


The Xvape Vista can seem somewhat daunting at first glance, but it proves to be very easy to setup and use after a quick glance at the manual. The versatility of being able to use the device with a bubbler or a waterpipe with no addition accessories/attachments to buy is a good bonus. Check out the Xvape Vista today and take your concentrate game to the next level!


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