Yocan Kodo Box Mod Battery for sale

Yocan Kodo Box Mod Battery for sale

Finding the best companion for you who can drive you in the seamless world of vapes. If yes, you’re at the right place.

We're the official partner of Yocan and the best option where you can find the best among all vaping accessories online.

We’re here to let you know about the Yocan Kodo box mod. It's a high-quality vaping battery which can enrich your vaping experience.

Yocan Kodo box mod battery

This battery comes with a super stylish and modern design. Furthermore, it is made with a 510-threaded atomizer.

It is so compact, you can place it in your palm. Its compact design enhances its portability. You can easily take it anywhere and enjoy the enriched flavours of oils and concentrates.

It has a Type-C charging port for efficient charging. LED indicators to understand the heating and voltage settings. This LED indicator also shows the battery condition.

Not only this, but it's 400mAh battery makes it better. This ensures long-lasting value sessions when you use it.

It has advanced heating options which helps to preheat the concentrates and oils you like. You can enjoy your favourite herbs with the best and most enriched flavors.

We're the only wholesale distributor of Yocan kodo batteries. We provide the best Yocan Kodo box mod price to you and deliver it to you in the best possible time. Whether you’re a wholesaler or a retailer you can get a Yocan Kodo battery at the cheapest price online.

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Yocan Kodo Box Mod Battery

How to use Yocan Kodo Box mod battery 

Learning how to use the Yocan Kodo box mod battery will help you dig out the best and most enriched flavours in every hit. We have discussed the ideal way to use Yocan kodo better below: -

#1. Charging the battery

The primary thing to check before using the Yocan Kodo battery is its battery. So, you have to ensure that the battery is fully charged or not?

If not? Then use the USB charging cable and connect it to the battery. The red light indicates that your battery is charging. A green light appears when the battery is fully charged.

#2. Power it on

Click on the power button 5 times rapidly. Now, repeat the same process to power it off after vaping. Powering it on will ensure that you’re ready to use it.

#3. Adjusting the voltage configurations

It's time to adjust the voltage setting in your battery. Press the power button 3 times and wait. Now, press the button and see the LED light.

Green light shows Low voltage settings, Blue indicates medium and white shoes high voltage settings. You can set it as per your taste and preference.

#4. Preheat

It's to activate the preheat feature. To activate the preheating feature, press the power button 2 times.

This feature will help you prepare the coil and improve the vape experience on every hit.

#5. Attach the cartridge 

It's time to attach the Yocan Kodo cartridge battery. So, screw the 510-threaded cartridge in the Kodo battery. Make sure that the cartridge gets attached tightly.

#6. Inhale 

Lastly, press and hold the power button. This action will activate the heating element. Now, you’ll experience super smooth and flavourful vapes in your mouth. Just inhale and enjoy. 

Following these steps will help you to dig out the best experience for your vape from the Yocan Kodo box mod battery


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