Airistech Tripod Replacement Cartridges

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Replacement Cartridges for the Airistech Tripod.


All three cartridge options utilize the new innovative Quartz heating Coil technology. Airistech's engineers have come up with the perfect solution to improve your oil and wax vaping experience.

There are three major advantages to the Quartz Heating Coil over traditional heating elements: Waste Reduction, Improved Airflow, and Flavor.

The Airistech Tripod cartridges are replacement carts for the Airistech Tripod 3in1 vaporizer. Airistech's patented design and new technology in the Quartz heating Coils provide the most pure flavor of any cartridge on the market today!


Available in these options:

Airis W - Wax Vape Cartridge
Airis OIL - Compatible with all kinds of e-liquid and some thick oils
Airis TH - Thick Oil


In the Box:

1 Cartridge of chosen option

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