Atmos Greedy M2 Wax and Dry Herb Atomizer

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The Atmos Greedy M2 is the one of the most versatile heating attachments available. Compatible with the Studio Rig, the original Greedy heating chambers, and numerous other chamber options thanks to the Atmos Female to 510 Male Adapter, the Greedy M2 brings all of these amazing innovations together to give users an almost infinite number of potential options for wax consistency and dry herb vaping. Similar to the original version of the Greedy heating attachment, the M2 is protected by a durable stainless steel housing, and is equipped with dual adjustable airflow, a splash prevention waxy filter, a dry herb filter that can be swapped out as needed, and an easy access mouthpiece for quick refills. The Greedy M2 comes with the Dual Titanium/Quartz Rod Atomizer.

The Greedy M2 is compatible with the four unique heating coils originally designed for the Greedy.  The Kanthal Twisted Coil/Quartz Rod Chamber, the Kanthal Clapton coil/Quartz Rod Chamber, the Dual Titanium Coil/Quartz Rod chamber and the Stainless Steel/Quartz Rod Chamber each present their own unique benefits when used with the M2 chamber. In addition, most of the AtmosRx heating chambers can be used with the M2 thanks to the Atmos Female to 510 Male Adapter, making the possibilities nearly endless.

The Greedy M2 can be used with the three unique and interchangeable Studio Rig heating chambers to vaporize dry herbs and wax consistency products with the greatest of ease. For dry herbs, the Greedy M2 can be used with the Embedded Ceramic Heating Chamber. For wax consistency products, the M2 can be used with the Ceramic Nail Chamber and the Titanium Nail Chamber. These chambers are made with a completely solder free composition to ensure the purest, most flavorful vapor possible.

Dual Adjustable Airflow
Stainless Steel Construction
Multiple Coil Options

Size: h 2.35 in, d .875 in
Recommended Wattage:  15-25w
Resistance:  Clapton Coil - 0.75Ω
                     Stainless Steel Coil - 0.27Ω
                     Twisted Kanthal Coil - 0.29Ω
                     Dual Titanium Coil - 0.45Ω
                     Studio Rig Ceramic Heating Chamber - 0.33Ω
                     Studio Rig Ceramic Nail Chamber - 0.39Ω
                     Studio Rig Titanium Nail Chamber - 0.35Ω

In The Box:
1 Atmos Greedy M2 Atomizer
1 Replacement O-Rings
1 Metal Screen

Greedy and Studio Rig Replacement Coils are available.  

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