Banana Bros. Otto Smart Grinder and Cone Filling Machine

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OTTO is the first and only automatic cone filling machine.  Whether your material is sticky, moist, or dry, it grinds and fills a perfect cone every time.  OTTO has an on-board microcomputer that automatically adjusts pressure, speed, and direction based on the texture and consistency of your material.  OTTO AI mimics human grinding and uses its lightweight aerospace engineered aluminium milling plates to expertly mill your material instead of grinding it.  You can even use the included measuring cup to get the perfect amount every time.  The OTTO takes the hassle out of filling a cone giving you more time to mill, fill, and chill.

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OTTO AI Technology
Simple Push Button Operation
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

In The Box
1 OTTO Milling Machine
1 O-Tube Sachet and Cone Holder
1 O-Funnel
20 Free Banana Bros. Premium Cone-Shaped Sachets
1 4-In-1 Cleaning Tool
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Measuring Cup
1 Snap Cap

There is a 1 year manufacturer warranty with this product.  You can check out the warranty details here.  This warranty is provided by the manufacturer, Banana Bros., and not Vape Pen Sales or its affiliates.  

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