cCell Ceramic Coil Ceramic Drip Tip 510 Thread Thick Oil Cartridge

$ 6.99

This is a high end 510 Thread thick oil cartridge with a ceramic coil and a ceramic drip tip.  This cartridge uses a glueless and wickless design to eliminate burnt and unpleasant  tastes.  The ceramic drip tip replaces the traditional plastic drip tips you normally find on cartridges and allows you to get a clean and pure taste.  

Ceramic Coil 
Ceramic Drip Tip
Glueless and Wickless Design

Volume:  0.5ml
Feed Hole:  4 - 2mm feed holes
Coil:  Ceramic
Materials:  Ceramic, Glass, Metal
Resistance:  1.2Ω

In The Box:
1 cCell 510 Thread Thick Oil Cartridge

Customer Reviews

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Haven't had much luck with using this style cart in the past, but this works great and will definitely be purchasing more. Very little to no chimney creep. Has a pass through sure flow. Allows for great flavor and gives great rips. Using on the Lookah Seahorse Pro.

510 ring separated from tank

Glueless design failed in a day. The metal base separated from the Pyrex tank. There’s a silicon ring that may have been a friction seal. But no threading or glue connects the two. A thin conduit still functions if it’s touching the current passing through the ring.
I’m gonna try repairing it with crazy glue.

If spend $$$ on good quality CBD Oil - Get this!

First, thanks Vape Pen Sales for the lightening fast shipping! On the cartridge, Wow, wow, wow what a difference! I had done some research on these ccell cartridges and finally decided to give them a try. I've used several different refillable oil cartridges over the past year. All were "meh" at best and often terrible. This cartridge is hands down the best I've tried for vaping oil. I use high quality CBD oil consistent flavor of the oil really comes through with these cartridges, more vapor per draw. It draws perfectly with my cheap back up pen (350Mah) and with my bigger Vapros Spinner. The quality of the tip, glass and parts is very high end as described. I like the 0.5 ml size as I'd rather refill with fresh oil more frequently then let it sit in the cartridge and be exposed to light and heat for too long. It's worth the extra couple of dollars to get these and not burn or ruin the effectiveness and flavor of your CBD oil which, as we know, it ain't cheap! I'm here to order more so I'll always have some fresh cartridges on hand.

Excellent product

I couldn’t be happier. My usual cartridges just couldn’t handle the thick oil I was using, turning the whole vaping experience into a stressful time while I struggled to take a draw. These cartridges - the cCell Ceramic Coil Ceramic Drip Tip 510 Thread Thick Oil Cartridge - made all the difference! Even the mouthpiece has a better feel. I WILL be buying again!

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