Crossing Tug E-Rig Kit

$ 149.99

Crossing Tug E-Rig
MSRP: $149.99

Introducing the Crossing Tug E-Rig, the ultimate portable electronic rig for dabbing enthusiasts. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this compact and powerful e-rig delivers a superior concentrate vaping experience anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just starting, the Crossing Tug E-Rig offers unmatched performance and convenience.


The Crossing Tug E-Rig revolutionizes the dabbing experience with its innovative design and advanced technology. Featuring a high-quality ceramic heating element and customizable temperature settings, this e-rig ensures you get the most out of your concentrates. The sleek, ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, while the sturdy build ensures durability. With a powerful battery and rapid heat-up time, the Crossing Tug E-Rig is perfect for quick sessions on the go. Elevate your dabbing game with the Crossing Tug E-Rig ? the future of portable e-rigs.

Replacement Coils and Replacement Glass are available separately.


  • Compact and Portable: Perfect for on-the-go dabbing sessions.
  • High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element: Provides even heating for maximum flavor.
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings: Dial in your preferred temperature for a personalized experience.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable to hold and easy to use.
  • Rapid Heat-Up Time: Ready to use in seconds.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Enjoy extended sessions without frequent recharging.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand everyday use.
  • Easy to Clean: Designed for hassle-free maintenance.


  • Battery Capacity: 2700mAh
  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Warranty: 1 year

Warnings and Disclaimers

  • General Product Liability Disclaimer: Use this product responsibly. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage or injury caused by improper use.
  • Lithium Battery Safety Warning: This product contains a lithium-ion battery. Do not expose to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Charge only with the provided charger to avoid risk of fire or explosion. Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge.

Experience the pinnacle of portable dabbing with the Crossing Tug E-Rig. It's not just an e-rig; it's your new favorite way to enjoy concentrates. 

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