Glass Globe Custom Wax and Dry Herb Atomizer Replacement Coil

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Replacement coil of selected type.

Replacement coils for our Glass Dome atomizers for wax and dry herb. 

Enjoy years of vaping to come with our quality replacement coils. These fit our line of Glass Globe Wax and Dry Herb Atomizers. We have coils available in the following styles:

VG-1 Metal coil with cotton wick 
VG-2 Metal pancake coil
VG-3 Ceramic globe metal coil cotton wick
VG-4 Protected metal coil cotton wick
VG-5 Protected screened coil
VG-6 Metal coil with cotton wick and metal cap 
VG-7 Metal pancake coil with metal cap (Our current stock of these are smaller than what we had before)
VG-8 Metal protected ceramic globe with metal coil and cotton wick
VG-9 Gold screened coil
VG-10 Gold metal coil cotton wick
VG-11 Ceramic globe double titanium coils with ceramic wicks
VG-12 Ceramic globe double titanium coils with cotton wicks

NOTE:Coils do not include base. (Base comes with glass dome atomizers)
Check out our Ceramic Donut Coils for Glass Globe Atomizers here.
or dual quartz rod coils here.

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