Dazzleaf SMARTii 510 Cartridge Battery

$ 17.99

Dazzleaf Smartii 510 Cartridge Battery

Introducing the Dazzleaf Smartii 510 Cartridge Battery, a sophisticated and powerful solution for your vaping needs. Engineered for compatibility with 510-thread cartridges, this advanced battery offers unparalleled convenience and performance. With its sleek design and intelligent features, the Smartii Battery is the perfect companion for your favorite vape cartridges, ensuring a premium vaping experience every time.

MSRP: $24.99


The Dazzleaf Smartii 510 Cartridge Battery is designed for discerning vapers who demand both style and functionality. Featuring a slim and ergonomic design, the Smartii Battery fits comfortably in your hand and is easily portable. The intuitive one-button operation and adjustable voltage settings provide a customized vaping experience, while the smart preheat function ensures optimal performance with every use. With a robust 400mAh battery and USB-C quick charging, the Smartii Battery delivers long-lasting sessions and rapid recharges. Compatible with most 510-thread cartridges, the Smartii Battery is the ultimate choice for those seeking reliability and sophistication in their vaping device.


  • Slim and Ergonomic Design: Sleek and comfortable to hold, perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Adjustable Voltage Settings: Three voltage levels for a personalized vaping experience.
  • Smart Preheat Function: Ensures optimal performance and vapor production.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with most 510-thread cartridges.
  • Powerful Battery: 400mAh capacity for extended vaping sessions.
  • USB-C Quick Charging: Fast and convenient recharging.
  • OLED Screen: Displays battery life, voltage settings, and preheat status.


  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Voltage Settings: 2.4V - 4.2V
  • Preheat Function: 1.8V
  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Material: High-quality aluminum alloy

Variant Options:

  • Colors: Black, Silver, Black/Green, White, Blue/Pink, Purple, Blue/Red, Fire, Green, Blue

How to Use:

  • Click 5 times to turn ON/OFF
  • Click 2 times to Preheat to 1.8V for 15 seconds and go
  • Click 3 times to adjust the Voltage to your favorite settings - 2.4V - 4.2V

OLED Screen Display:

  • Power -ON Display: DAZZLEAF
  • Power -OFF Display: OFF
  • NO ATOMIZER: If the cartridge is not connected to battery, the "NO ATOMIZER" will display on screen for 2 seconds.
  • LOW BATTERY: The system detects that the power of the battery is too low to work and needs to charge.
  • SHORTED: When the cartridge resistance less than 0.5ohm, or the output is short-circuited, the MOS is automatically turned off to prevent burning.
  • OVER TIME: Auto heat shut-off after 20 seconds of use for protection
  • OFF State: Hold down the Power button for 5 seconds to clear the number of puffs.

Warnings and Disclaimers:

  • General Product Liability Disclaimer: Use this product responsibly. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage or injury caused by improper use.
  • Battery Safety Warning: This product contains a lithium-ion battery. Do not expose to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Charge only with the provided charger to avoid risk of fire or explosion.
  • Cartridge Use Disclaimer: For use with 510-thread cartridges only. Cartridges sold separately.

Elevate your vaping sessions with the Dazzleaf Smartii 510 Cartridge Battery. Its intelligent features, customizable settings, and sleek design make it the ideal choice for any vaper.

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