Dip Devices Dipper Wax Vaporizer & Nectar Collector

$ 79.99

The Dipper is the pioneer of many of our modern nectar collector devices, blazing the path for a new, convenient way to vape concentrates. With the Dipper you can simply hit directly from your materials, without the hassle of loading and cleaning constantly! Still, if you want or need to do a more traditional pen-style hit, the device also has a separate standard heating coil.  Also featuring variable voltage and a powerful 900mAh battery to round out an already well-made device!

2-in-1 design
Touch-to-hit coil
Pack-and-hit coil

900mAh Battery
Variable Voltage:
Blue: low // Green: medium // Red: high

In The Box:
1 Dipper Vaporizer Unit
1 Quartz Dual Rod Atomizer (dual quartz rods and TI coils)
2 Vapor Tip Atomizer (Ceramic Tip with Ni Coils)
1 Micro USB Charger
1 Loading Tool
1 Cleaning Swab

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