Dr. Dabber Switch Wax and Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

$ 419.99

Elevate your dabbing experience with the Crimson Dr. Dabber Switch, now featuring an incredible $80 OFF! Wondering about the discount details? The carb cap took a little break(Get it?), and the pro loading tool decided to play hide and seek. Despite the box showing signs of its adventures, it's still working its magic like a true champ. This deal is too good to pass up, so seize the opportunity before it slips away!

Dr. Dabber is shaking up the vape world with its all new Switch.  The Switch uses Dr. Dabber's new, patent pending induction heating system allowing you to vape concentrates and dry herbs to their maximum potential.  There are 25 unique heating profiles to use within its groundbreaking temperature range.  Whether you like smaller more flavorful vapor or lung busting clouds, there is a heating profile for you. 

The Switch uses one of the most powerful batteries to date allowing up to 150 uses per charge.  Even better, the battery will charge in just 1 hour.  Combining this powerful battery with the innovative heating system gives this vapor beast a 4 second heating time. 

The Switch allows you to quickly and easily change between concentrate and dry herb modes with the included ceramic induction cups.  The white ceramic cup is designed to allow you to extract the most from your dry herbs.  The black ceramic cup is more porous than the white and is perfect to use with your concentrates.  The more porous material absorbs your concentrates allowing you to get the most out of your product.  

If you are looking for a next generation vaporizer with unparalleled capabilities, you just found it!

25 Heating Profiles
Induction Heating
Massive Battery Life
4 Second Heat Up
25 LED Light Show Options

Output Power:  Up to 120W
Battery Capacity:  33.3 Watt-Hours
LiFePO4 Non-Volatile Battery Cells
Pass Through Charging
Uses Per Charge:  Approximately 150 Uses
Battery Charge Time:  1 Hour
Battery Protections:  Over Voltage, Over Current, Under Voltage, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity

In The Box
1 Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer
1 Black Ceramic Induction Cup
1 White Ceramic Induction Cup
1 Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe Attachment
1 Carb Cap/Loading Tool
1 Silicone Container
1 Tweezers
1 Ceramic Flower Filter
1 Battery Charger

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