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The GreenKeeper is a convenient and innovative device designed to provide a smooth and fresh smoking experience on the go. Here are some key features and instructions for using and cleaning the GreenKeeper:


  1. Volume: The GreenKeeper has a 1-gram capacity, allowing for a generous amount of dry herb to be loaded.
  2. Material: The device is made of Eco-friendly aluminum, making it lightweight and portable.
  3. Surfacing: The GreenKeeper features a top-grade Anodic Hard Oxide surface, providing durability and an attractive finish.
  4. Skeleton Design: The device is designed for easy assembly and cleaning, ensuring convenience for the user.
  5. Retractable Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design: The mouthpiece is retractable and ergonomic, allowing for easy ash removal after each burn.
  6. Windows: The GreenKeeper has windows that allow you to watch the herb burn while using the device.
  7. Mouthpiece: The device comes with a flat, ergonomic mouthpiece for comfortable and enjoyable use.

Instructions for Loading:

  1. Unscrew the honeycomb cap from the device.
  2. Load the chamber with your favorite loose leaf dry herb.
  3. Screw the honeycomb cap back onto the device, ensuring it is tightly secured.
  4. Hold a lit lighter to the honeycomb end while placing the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  5. Inhale while keeping the lighter lit to ignite the herb.

Instructions for Cleaning:

  1. After use, wait for the device to cool down.
  2. Disassemble the device by unscrewing each piece carefully.
  3. Use a cleaning pin to remove any clogs or residue.
  4. Soak each piece in isopropyl alcohol and use a brush to clean all portions thoroughly.
  5. Rinse each piece with hot water to remove any remaining residue.
  6. Dry each piece completely before reassembling the device.

The GreenKeeper offers a practical and portable smoking solution with its convenient features and easy-to-clean design. Enjoy a smooth and fresh smoking experience wherever you go with this innovative device.

Customer Reviews

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Can't put back together

After cleaning you can not put it back together. The mouthpiece goes inside the tube, glass tube and spring fall out. Nice for first time use only but do not take it apart to clean. Wish company wouldn't be so cheap and provide reassembly instructions. Sad for consumer.

gary cooper
Pretty Cool little pipe

I like being able to watch the burn and then when the herbs are done you simply push a button and all the ashes are removed.

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