Herbstick Deluxe Smart Temperature Control Vaporizer (Dry Herb)

by CigGo
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The Herbstick Deluxe is a revolutionary vaporizer. Durable quality alloy construction and Herbstick technology combine to create the highest standard in herb vaping devices. Exquisite and powerful with a hearty 2200mah battery. With a beautiful OLED display, excellent battery power and a burning temperature that is clearly visible, the Herbstick Deluxe helps you find ideal range for Vaping. A pop-up mouthpiece and magnetic cover make the device more attractive, practical, and easy to carry. Has a diamond indicator shining different colors along with temperature changes. The big heating chamber can hold 0.5g of dry herb. Absolutely perfect for Vaping enthusiasts. At only about 4"x1.5"x1" this unit is powerful AND incredibly portable!!

    Temperature setting

    To set your temperature, press the + (Plus) or – (Minus) button to choose your preferred temperature. The lowest temperature is 120℃ and the maximum temperature is 225℃ (in 5℃ increments). By pressing the Enter button to confirm your setting (The setting temp will be saved automatically). The operating temperature displays below the setting temp.

      Pop-up mouthpiece

      The mouthpiece is made of zinc alloy and hidden.  Press to release it or hide it. 

      Magnetic cover

      The cover of heating chamber is magnetic. When add ground tobacco to the chamber, the cover can be attracted tightly in the magnet area to prevent it from getting lost.

      Portable vapor

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