Huni Badger Electronic Nectar Collector Dab Kit

$ 174.99

The Huni Badger has been called the world's best portable vertical vaporizer. Rapid heating eliminates the need for a torch and delivers consistent dabs. The Huni Badger has excellent build quality and uses replaceable 18650 batteries and long life HuniTips to create a reliable device with amazing performance. The Huni Badger is a great portable electric nectar collector that allows you to dab without a torch or a nail.


1 Huni Badger Uni

1 Waterproof Hard Case

1 High Temp HuniTip (installed)

1 Low Temp HuniTip

1 510 eGo Adapter

1 14mm Adapter

3 HuniPot Extract Containers (one stored in magnetic cap)

3 Pipe Cleaners

2 Replacement O-Rings

1 User Manual

Note: Requires 18650 battery - NOT included. Requires a 20A or above 18650 for best performance. 

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