iMini V2 650mAh Variable Voltage Cartridge Battery Mod

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This is the updated iMini V2 Cartridge Mod, featuring a number of updates to the immensely popular iMini! The iMini V2 is a fantastic cartridge mod, and it may be the ultimate mix of function and form. It is TINY! The iMini V2 has a large 650mAh battery, which is almost hard to believe considering its size. It adds variable voltage and preheat functions while keeping the super simple single button operation of the V1. When firing, the entire iMini V2 logo lights up, rather than just the button, making it very easy to see what setting you're on, and the battery level. The color of the light will change to indicate which voltage level you are at; green is low (2.9v,) yellow medium (3.4v,) and red high (3.8v.) The iMini V2 can be charged with the included micro USB charger.

NOTE: Cartridge NOT included. 

Variable Voltage
Micro USB charging

Voltage Levels
2.9V Green - 3.4V Yellow - 3.8V Red

In The Box:
1 iMini V2 Battery
1 USB Charging Cord

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