Lookah Bear 510 Vape Battery

by Lookah
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Introducing the Lookah Bear vape pen battery – the cutest battery you'll ever see! This battery features a soft silicon body shaped like a bear, making it a unique and fun accessory for any vaper. The small form factor fits comfortably in your hand, and it even has a lanyard hole in its ear, making it convenient to carry around without misplacing it.

The Bear is a versatile battery that features a 510 thread and works with most oil or extracts cartridges, including the Lookah 510 wax carts. It delivers smooth and satisfying hits every time, thanks to its resistance range of 0.7-5 Ohm and three preset voltages of 3.2V, 3.6V, and 3.9V. These voltage settings are indicated by an LED on the Bear's cute face, which lights up green, blue, or purple to show the setting.

Despite its compact size, the Lookah Bear has a 500mAh battery capacity, which is enough charge for a full day of use. It also features a USB Type-C (charger not included) charging port and four battery indicator lights in the back of its head, allowing you to know when it's fully charged and ready to go.

The Lookah Bear comes in a variety of colors, including gray, blue, green, purple, aqua, cyan, pink, red, and orange, giving you plenty of options to choose from to match your style or mood.

Using the Lookah Bear vape pen battery is easy, thanks to its single-button function that turns the device on and off and adjusts the voltage. To turn the battery on or off, press the power button five times in quick succession. The LED will blink three times to acknowledge it's now active. To change the voltage, double tap the power button to switch between the three voltage settings.

When vaping with the Lookah Bear, press and hold the power button while vaping, as the device is not draw-activated. The device will automatically switch to standby after 10 seconds of continuous use.

Overall, the Lookah Bear vape pen battery is a fun, cute, and versatile option for vapers of all levels, delivering smooth and satisfying hits with every use.

How to Use the Lookah Bear
This Lookah vape pen has a single-button function that switches it on/off and adjusts the voltage.
Press the power button, Located where the Bear's nose would be, five times in quick succession to turn the vape battery on/off.
The LED will blink three times to acknowledge it's now active.
The color of the LED will correspond to the voltage setting of the device.

Changing the variable voltage

Double-tap the power button to switch between the three voltage settings.
3.4V displays as a green LED
3.6V displays as a Blue LED
3.9V displays as a Purple LED

Vaping with the Bear
The Lookah Bear is not draw-activated, so you must press and hold the button while vaping.
Once the voltage is set, press and hold the power button to vape for up to 10 seconds.
After 10S, the screen will flash five times, and the device will switch back to standby.

Charging the Lookah Bear
On the side of the vape pen is a USB Type-C charging port. Connect any standard type C USB charging cable to this and attach the other end of the cable to a USB charging port.
When charging, the battery indicator lights on the back of the head will pulse. The LED light on the face will pulse red. 
Each segment indicates 25% of the charge. After that level of charge is reached, the light will remain solid. When all the lights remain lit, the device is fully charged. The LED light on the face will show blue.
1 solid battery light = 25%
2 solid battery lights = 50%
3 solid battery lights = 75%
4 solid battery lights = 100%

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent sevice

So friendly and supportive and fast service

Brant Lay

Lookah Bear 510 Vape Battery

Lucas Meisel

The thing actually RIPS!

ValerieTheGreat Swartz
Little bear battery

Super cute and works excellently!
I recommend this to all and any. I purchased an extra one as a gift and the giftee LOVED it!

Jacqueline Crose
Love the bear!

I’m just a week in but so far so good. It’s very easy to use and works like a dream!

Best Vape battery so far

it stands on it's own....a very positive point.....but it is pink and cute and a bear and children and nosy neighbors are going to want to know what it is ?????? But I do love it and it is my go to vape battery for now......

April Mossow
Lookah Bear

Great little battery! Loved by my local Dispensary. I recommended your store so they can check out your products. Thanks!

raeh martinez

i love it!! will be ordering another soon!

Ashley D.

Fast shipping and I love the product. Will be ordering again in the future

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