Phantom Digital Desktop Vaporizer

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The Phantom desktop vaporizer allows you to put your clouds in a bag for highly potent hits at low temperatures. It has a temperature range of 104F to 446F so you can find the perfect range for you. To Set temperature simply use the arrows on the display, it is best to allow the device to preheat for about 5 minutes. Loading the device is easily done by placing your herb between two fine screens, with a capacity of about .9 grams. The device remains quiet through use thanks to built in sound dampeners The Phantom Vaporizer gives you the feel of a luxury device for a fraction of the price.

Easy to use Desktop Vaporizer
Wide temperature range (104F to 446F)
Sturdy Plastic Housing
Food Grade Components
Refillable Bags

7 inch diameter
For use with dry herb
104F to 446F temperature range
5 Minute warm up time

In The Box
1 Phantom Vaporizer by Fuji
1 Air Filter Set
1 Operating Manual
1 Easy Valve Filling Chamber Set
5 Food grade balloons
1 Mouthpiece
2 Stainless Steel Screens
3 Balloon Clips

The Phantom is also compatible with Volcano Bags

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