Puffs Pendy Melts

$ 42.99

Candles from our favorite candle makers. American made candles that have a surprise in every one. Each candle has a glass pendent inside that are all made for American glass artist. Get yours while they last. Here's the scent profiles so you can set your vibe.

Show me your melons- Japanese melons with floral hints

Jamakin Me Crazy- Pi√Īa Colada

Ocean Escape- Lotus Flower & Sandalwood 

 Pride Edition (Rainbow)- Banana, Cotton Candy

Forbidden Fruit- Mangos And Papaya

Drifting Through Time- Aged Cedar and Oak 

Pomegranate Lemonade- Pomegranate Lemonade

Loopy Lavender- Lavender with hints of Lemon

Lemon Berry- Lemongrass & Rich Strawberries

Cup of Puff- Coffee with hints of vanilla 

Sunshine Passion- Tangerine

Peach Dream- Peaches and Cream

Blazin Berry- Blackberry's, Raspberries, and Vanilla

Morning Munchies- Fruit Loops

High On You- Floral with fresh fruit

Wild Huckleberry Basil- Fresh huckleberries with hint of Jasmine and basil

Desert Sunset- Cactus Apple And Driftwood

Lava Flow- Cherries, Tangerines, Sweet Honeysuckle

Eric Bobo Edition- Fresh Eucalyptus & Rose Petals

Nowhere Fast Collab ( Space Cunt) - Blackberry 

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