Quartz Tech QDC Wax Pen Kit - Quartz Dual Coil Metal Sleeve Wax Vape Pen Kit

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The QuartzTech QDC Kit from VapePenSales.com features a quartz dual coil (QDC) metal sleeve atomizer for ferocious wax clouds. The atomizer is paired with Vape Pen Sales 900mah EVOD Variable Voltage Micro USB Battery. Three voltage settings allow the QDC atomizer to find the perfect temperature for your wax. The screened metal sleeve simply pulls off the coils base for easy reloading.

Since the metal sleeve atomizer uses the same standard as most glass globe atomizers you can use any of our glass globe replacement coils with this atomizer.

Variable voltage battery allows you to customize your hit.
Compatibility with glass globe coils means huge selection of replacement coils.
Micro USB charging for easy use.
Dual Quartz Rod Coils provide clean, smooth vape.

Battery Capacity: 900mah
Battery Output: 3.2v, 3.7v, or 4.2v
Atomizer Resistance: 1.1ohm

In box:
1 Metal Sleeve Atomizer with Dual quartz rod coil
1 900mah VV Battery with Micro USB Charging
1 QDC Replacement Coil
1 USB to Micro USB Charging Cable
1 Metal Tool
1 Silicone Dab Jar
1 Zipper Case

Click battery 5x to turn on, click 3x to change voltage, click 5x to turn off.

NOTE: Color of USB Charging Cable may vary.

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