Seego Conseal PE and G-HIT PE Pen Replacement Atomizers

by Seego
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Replacement Cartridges for the Seego Conseal PE Mini Mod Kit or the Seego Conseal PE 2 Mod Kit as well as the G-Hit PE Touch Pen Kit and the newer version without the stylus tip, the G-Hit PE Pen. There are different options for the cartridges.  You can choose 0.5ml or 1ml cartridges for Oils or the Silver Wax cartridge to use with Wax or other full melt concentrates.  The Wax cartridge uses a single quartz rod heating element for a clean taste.  The Wax cartridge is meant for use in the Conseal and and Conseal 2 units.

Please note that the replacement cartridges do not come with the magnetic connector ring.  You can save the gold magnetic connector ring that comes with the cartridge included with the original Mod Kit for use with replacement cartridges or purchase them separately.  

1 Seego Conceal PE Replacement Cartridge or Magnetic Connector Ring

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Paul Pongratz

The cartridge works very well. It is very simply and cheaply made but functions great. You'll need a needle or a fine tip eye dropper to fill the reservoir. Filling/assembly is snap together, there are no threaded fittings except the 510 that screws onto your battery. Makes a surprising amount of vapor for it's simple construction. The air/carb tube is a small flat channel that runs from the 510 end to the mouthpiece. There are 4x 0.283 diameter holes to allow air to pass just above the 510 threads.
Great for giving out samples or a single use cartridge. It could be refilled and used a few times but it would likely get broken before that would happen.

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