Seego V-Hit B2/C2 Replacement Coils

by Seego
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$ 5.00
Multi-Pack of replacement coils for the NEW Seego VHIT Type B2 and Type C2 atomizers.

Dual Coil:
  • Resistance: 1.5-1.8ohms
  • Recommended Wattage:9-11W
  • Recommended Voltage: 3.7V
Stainless Steel Coil
  • Resistance: 0.8-0.9ohms
  • Recommended Wattage: 10-13W
  • Recommended Voltage: 3.7V
Ceramic Plate Coil 
  • Resistance: 0.5-0.8ohms
  • Recommended Wattage: 15-25W
  • Recommended Voltage: 3.7V

Box Contains:
1 Dual Coil
1 Stainless Steel Coil
1 Ceramic Plate Coil

NOTE: Type B2 and Type C2 Coils are interchangeable

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