SharpStone 63mm 4 Part Herbal Grinder

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For fine grinding of dry material you need a good grinder in a small portable size. The SharpStone 63mm grinder features a silicone ring for smooth action, 4 sections for optimal capture of material, and an included scraped for easy cleaning and pollen management.

SharpStone 63mm 4 Part Herbal Grinder is made of aircraft grade aluminum rod and the latest CNC machining technology, with powerful Neodymium magnets for amazing closure and razor sharp diamond cutting blades for extreme efficiency.


Silicone Ring for smooth grinding

4 part grinder has section for ground material and lower pollen collection chamber for fine material

Durable alloy construction



4 Section grinder

Scraper Included

In Box:

1 63mm 'SharpStone' Grinder with Scraper

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