Thicket Portable Smoke Device

by Thicket
$ 69.99

The Thicket is a truly innovative portable water pipe built into a stylish and discreet container.  The Thicket has the appearance of an insulated travel mug, but you won't want to drink the water out of this one.  Enclosed in the base you will find a hidden storage system for the glass bowl attachments and accessories.  Pull up on the top cap and the glass dome rises from within revealing the enclosed percolation filtration system.  Simply attach the glass bowl and neck and add the water from the top of the glass dome, and you are ready to enjoy!

The Thicket Accessories Kit is available with a replacement bowl and neck, glass percolator, and a replacement white silicone stopper.

Stealthy Discreet Design
3 Vibrant Color Options
Exceptional Build Quality

In The Box
1 Glass Percolator Bubbler
1 Glass Bowl
1 Glass Neck
1 Canister 

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